summer term 2020

master studio

Entwurf Master

design specialisation - master

Entwurfsvertiefung Master

bachelor studio

Studio Kontext Bachelor

Studio Inderbitzin in BA4 - The small house

As one of the three studios (Prof. Dr. B. Engel, Prof. H. Bava, Prof. C. Inderbitzin) we focus on the individual house: How does a new urban development on the periphery of Neuchâtel emerge based on the needs of the future inhabitant and his house? We approach this question by examining the idea of the garden city and the type of terraced house. In the garden city, house and open space are mutually dependent, which is why we want to take the landscape as our starting point when developing urban textures: hydrology, geology, morphology and vegetation. The terraced house type is experiencing a new relevance because it combines the desire for one's own house with the credo of densification. The "soil" is the unifying element of landscape, urban design and housing form.

Weekly studio supervision: Midweek 14:00 - 17:15