Prof. Christian Inderbitzin

Christian InderbitzinBalz Murer

Christian Inderbitzin was born in Kilchberg near Zurich in 1977. After graduating from the Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliches Gymnasium Rämibühl in Zurich, Christian Inderbitzin studied architecture at the ETH Zurich between 1997 and 2004. He graduated with an independent thesis at the ETH Studio Basel under Professors Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron. After a brief stint at the office of Meili, Peter Architekten, he worked as a research assistant at the ETH Studio under Professors Roger Diener and Marcel Meili from 2005 to 2015. In parallel, he founded the office Edelaar Mosayebi Inderbitzin Architekten in Zurich together with Elli Mosayebi and Ron Edelaar.

The office's wide-ranging activities include the design and realization of building projects, urban planning, exhibitions and publications. Residential construction is a focal point in research, teaching and practice. Ron Edelaar, Elli Mosayebi and Christian Inderbitzin were admitted to the Bund Schweizer Architekten in 2014. Christian Inderbitzin taught at TU Graz in 2011, EPF Lausanne in 2015/2016, ETH Zurich in 2017/2018 together with Ron Edelaar and Elli Mosayebi, and TU Munich in 2019. In 2019, he was awarded the Swiss Art Award.

Edelaar Mosayebi Inderbitzin's projects have been widely published, awarded and exhibited.

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